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Ship Arrivals and Departures in Townsville AUS
Sep 98
All information provided by Jens Didriksen

Wed, 30 Sep 1998
MV Madang Coast eta 29/2200UTC to discharge and load general cargo.
MV Anangel Might eta 30/0001UTC to load sugar.
MT Golden Akane eta 30/1200UTC to discharge caustic.
MV Southern Queen eta 30/1400UTC to discharge general cargo.

MV Pacocean etd 29/2300UTC after loading sugar.
MV Pacific Falcon etd 29/2100UTC after loading metals.
MV Warden Point etd 30/0200UTC after discharging bulk cement.
MV Madang Coast etd 30/0600UTC after loading general cargo.

Tue, 29 Sep 1998
MV Warden Point eta 28/2200UTC to discharge bulk cement.
MV Pacocean eta 29/0001UTC to load sugar.
MV Harmonic Halo eta 29/0400UTC to discharge nickel ore.
MV Pacific Falcon eta 29/0500UTC to discharge tyres.

MV Emerald Halo etd 29/0300UTC after discharging nickel ore.
MV Jupiter Light etd 29/1400UTC after loading scrap metal.
MV Wadi Al Nakheel etd 29/1100UTC after loading sugar.
MV White Sun etd 29/1300UTC after loading meat.

Mon, 28 Sep 1998
MV Wadi Al Nakheel eta 27/1800UTC to load sugar.
MV White Sun eta 27/1900UTC to load meat.
MT Micronesia Sunrise eta 27/2000UTC.

In Port:
MV Emerald Halo discharging nickel ore.

MT Micronesia Sunrise etd 28/0600UTC

Sat, 26 Sep 1998
Arrivals Townsville 26th:
MV Pacific Trader eta 26/0100UTC to load sugar.
MT Barrington eta 26/0500UTC to discharge fuel.

In port:
MV Primax discharging nickel ore - etd?

Fri, 25 Sep 1998
MV Chengtu etd 25/0800UTC after loading containers.
MT Havfru sailed 24/1630UTC after discharging LNG.

MV Chengtu eta 24/0300UTC to discharge and load containers.
MT Havfru eta 24/0600UTC to discharge LNG.

MV Rangitani etd 24/1230UTC after loading general cargo.

Arrivals 23rd:
MV Alam Teguh eta 22/2100UTC to load sugar.
MV Primax eta 23/0001UTC to discharge nickel ore.
MV Rangitani eta 23/0700UTC to discharge and load general cargo.

MV Warden Point etd 23/0400UTC after discharging bulk cement.
MV Alam Teguh etd 23/0800UTC after loading sugar.
MV Crystal Bulker etd 23/1200UTC after loading scrap metal.

Arrivals 22nd (local):

MV Warden Point eta? (discharging bulk cement)
MV Arktis Blue eta 21/1900UTC to discharge machinery.
MV Primax eta 22/1100UTC to discharge nickel ore.

MV Arktis Blue etd 22/0500UTC
MV Crystal Bulker etd 22/0400UTC
MV Glorious Halo etd 22/1200UTC after discharging nickel ore.
MV Blue Dream etd 22/1130UTC after loading concentrates.
MV Maritime Pearl etd 22/0030UTC after loading concentrates.

Sunday 20th:
MV Crystal Bulker eta 19/1800UTC to load scrap.
MV Glorious Haly eta 19/2000UTC to discharge nickel ore.

MV Eagle etd ? after discharging fertiliser.

Saturday Sept. 19th;

MV Eagle eta 19/0001UTC to discharge fertilizer.
MV Blue Dream eta 19/1100UTC to load concentrates.

MV Century Star etd 19/0400UTC after loading concentrates.

Friday Sept 18th

Arrivals: none
MV Warden Point etd 18/1000UTC after discharging bulk cement.
MT Barrington etd 18/1400UTC after discharging fuel.

 Thursday Sept 17th:

Arrivals :
MV Century Star (loading concentrates)
MV Warden Point (discharging cement)
MT Barrington (discharging fuel)

MV Prospero - etd 10pm local time (1200UTC)