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July 98 Guest Book Entries


       From: Maxim Ivaniyskiy (
       Date: Sun Jul 26 18:15:46 1998

       Russian-Canadian Traid Connection

       Dear Sir:
       I am a student in the SAIT(Calgary), and i am from
       Russia. My assignment on international business is to
       compair cars prices in Canada vs Russia. second part is
       to find out is it profitable to sell out new or used
       cars from Calgary to Novorossiysk.I could not find how
       much is cost to transport cars consignment from
       Toronto(the closest port from Calgary) to
       Novorossiysk(Russia)useing ship.

       From: Barry Diggle (
       Date: Sun Jul 12 06:55:24 1998

       Old shipmates

       I served as cadet/navigating officer in Ellerman Lines
       and Trinder Anderson and Co (London) from
       1948/1957 after attending School of Navigation
       (Southhampton) - Ships City of
       then M.V. "Kaipaki" and M.V. "Australind" - would like
       to hear from old shipmates.