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February 98 Guest Book Entries

From: Jens Didriksen (
Date: Sat Feb 28 02:10:29 1998

The Maritime Ring

I am an ex R/O, now with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.
I would like to extend an invitation to everyone with a maritime related website to join my newly created webring, "The Maritime Ring".
Information can be found at

From: Mark Buyes (
Date: Fri Feb 27 16:43:30 1998

Mercant Marine

It is great to visit this Merchant Marine informational pages. I am Merchant Marine Deck Officer. I hold a Second Mate Unlimited and 1600 Ton Master (oceans) License. If you have any information on employment for the Merchant Marine then please post them here.

From: Phil van Bergen (
Date: Wed Feb 25 06:17:45 1998


I am the maritime marketing manager for Inmarsat - the Interrnational Maritime Satellite Organisations - which provides communication facilities to vessels world-wide. If anyone can provide me with information on the use of Inmarsat for Web Browsing, then I would welcome this. I personally believe not much tales place from ships today - but that this will change in the near future as proces come down and packet data access is made available. Visit our web site for more info on satellite communications for ships at www.Inmarsat.Org


From: Alexander Shevyakov (
Date: Sat Feb 21 17:38:33 1998

Friends and Terminilogy

Hello to all the seafarers!
I am a navigating officer, currently lecturing at the Maritime University in Russia. I am also much interested in some naval terminology clarification for I have been completing a dictionary for quite a while.
I will be delighted to talk to mariners and also with people who can answer some questions concerning some definitions.

Thank you for the attention to this letter.

From: blue (
Date: Fri Feb 20 17:30:56 1998



My Grandfather made his way to the US via a ship from Italy to Vancouver circa 1920's. We are tring to track info regarding life in the Merchant MArines, ships' names, crew decendents...please respond. His name was Angelo,due to hisyoung age (15) he was nicknamed "Dickie" by British crewman,John Smith. Looking for photos, stories or documentation regarding the times.


From: Liviu (
Date: Tue Feb 17 19:25:16 1998

I can't wait to see your page. I haope i'll work for you some day. Now I am student.

From: Barry Diggle (
Date: Tue Feb 10 06:30:17 1998

Merchant ships and stevedoring

I am Master Mariner and Chartered Shipbroker
Recently retired MD Inland Port UK.
Interested in ships and shipping in general
Particulary ships Ellerman Lines: New Zealand Shipping Company and Trinder Anderson
(London). Anxious to trace former shipmates
1947-1958. Attended School of Navigation
(Southampton University) 1946-47

From: Harold (Tennant)
Date: Mon Feb 9 23:27:14 1998

WW2 Merchant Ships

Can anyone out there send me any information on the number of Liberty, Victory and T2 Tankers and thier names? I will be ever gratefull. I sailed on some of each of these.

From: Miriam Camilleri (
Date: Mon Feb 9 04:14:57 1998

Ship registration, ship sale and purchase, ship finance

I live in Malta and I stumbled on this site by chance. Although I haven't yet browsed through it all, it seems to be very interesting and informative. Our law firm practices in corporate law and international tax planning amongst others and would be grateful to pass on any further information on request.

From: Danijel Kljakovic (Dano@sezampro.yu)
Date: Sat Feb 7 00:31:46 1998


Ustanicka 64

SBM Holding BEOMEDICINA was established 15 years ago and it is
knownas one of the most successful companies in Yugoslavia.Our company
is well known as intermediary beween ship crow and ship companies.Our
clients are well educated officers in famous ship school in Kotor,
town at Adriatic coast with shipment tradition more than 1200 years.
Ship school in Kotor exsisted since 1849.Fron 1950 it is known
as Highschool and after that at 1988 becomes a University.Knowledge
from University and experience from long term being at sea ( most ofthem
in foreign ships ) can be guaranty for high quality officers.
If you need well educated ship crew and wont to cooperate with
our company do not hesitate to contact us.

Our phone number is ++381 11 4446220
fax numbers are ++381 11 4443459 ; ++381 11 3441711

Best regards,

Danijel Klja

From: Yorke Barrington (
Date: Thu Feb 5 23:00:36 1998

Just Visiting

I'm presently employed as a Ship's Agent in Sydney,N.S., Canada.I spend a lot of time looking for marine info. You have a gret site. I'll be visiting often

From: Roy (
Date: Thu Feb 5 19:20:32 1998

Greatest All Round Seafaring Site

I have been visiting this site for almost a year
and always learn something new. Keep up the good
job! Used to work around coal, iron ore, and gen
merchandise piers and love to track ships I have
seen at work.

Great Site!