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Aug 98 Guest Book Entries


       From: Chris Evdemon (
       Date: Sat Aug 22 05:37:01 1998

       Bolivian Ships Registry

       You might want to take a look at the newly formed
       Bolivian Ships Registry at

       From: Safe Seas Marine Services (
       Date: Thu Aug 6 07:34:44 1998

       Merchant ships data base.

       I am looking for web sites which list all ships of each
       flag state / registry / company. For example, Evergreen
       Lines and Hanjin Lines have comprehensive company fleet
       listings. More specifically though, I want to locate a
       directory of all Panamanian registered merchant

       From: Network of Ocean and Air Associates (
       Date: Sat Aug 1 20:56:32 1998 ~ The Network of Ocean Air Associates. Is
       looking to partner with a global import / export
       shipping agent. Please send company profiles to: